Disclosure Policy

This policy is valid from 21 September 2014

Lacquered Geek is a personal blog written and edited by me, Kim P. For questions about this blog, please contact Kim (via Messages at my Facebook page).

Almost all of the products reviewed and shown on Lacquered Geek have been purchased by me, however a few many have been received from a brand or PR representative. At the top and bottom of each post, I will state if state if something is from my personal collection or a PR sample.  All reviews will be 100% honest, and the receipt of samples will not influence my review.

Lacquered Geek abides by word of mouth marketing standards. I believe in honesty of relationship, opinion, and identity. Affiliate links and advertising spaces will be clearly identified.

The views and opinions expressed on Lacquered Geek are my own. I am not a licensed nail technician/beauty expert, nor do I make any claims to be an expert. I am merely a girl who loves life and nail polish. Any comments made about a product are based solely on my personal experiences, and your results may vary.

Press Samples

If you are interested in having a product reviewed on Lacquered Geek, please contact me.  Not every offer to review will be accepted, and Lacquered Geek does not guarantee a positive review in exchange for receipt of product.  I will only publish 100% honest reviews - positive or negative. The content of the review is not pre-approved by PR representatives or brands.  If a PR representative or brand imposes such restrictions, the offer to review will be denied.

Disclosure Descriptions

*Purchased by Me* ~ This post contains product(s) that I purchased myself, and there is nothing to disclose.

*Press Sample* ~ This post contains item(s) that were provided at no cost or a discount for the expressed purpose of review.  Opinions expressed in the post are still 100% my own, and have not been influenced by the receipt of product(s).

*Prize* ~ This post contains product(s) that I won in a contest or giveaway.  Opinions expressed in my post are honest and 100% my own.

*Gift* ~ This post contains product(s) that I received as a gift. My opinion has not been influenced, and opinions stated are 100% my own.

*Affiliate Link* ~ This post contains afflilate links.  A commission or referral credit is earned if a product is purchased via this link.

Comment Policy

I love reader comments!! However, I don't like spam. Comments deemed "Spam" (includes comments with the appearance of spam or promoting a website) will be deleted.  The use of profanity or any threatening/abusive comments towards me or other commenters will not be tolerated, and will be removed.  Please do not spam the comments section with links to other blogs or personal sales as these comments will be deleted or edited to remove the link.

Site and Content Use

All material on Lacquered Geek retains its full copyright. Use of material, either in full, part, or derivative form, without express permission is prohibited. All material, whether found directly on Lacquered Geek or taken from an RSS feed is licensed for personal use only.


All Content and Images published on Lacquered Geek are protected by the Digital Millenium Copyright Act.  Any unauthorized copying, reproduction, uploading, republishing, or modifications to any material is prohibited without written consent from Kim at Lacquered Geek.  If you are interested in using my content and/or images, please contact me for licensing information.