Thursday, July 2, 2015

Glam Polish: Hibiscus

*Purchased by Me*

Hi guys! I've got a perfect summer polish for you today! Although, I tend to wear whatever color I want, regardless of the season... there is something about wearing a bright coral polish during the hot summer months. One of my new favorites is Hibiscus from Glam Polish.

Glam Polish Hibiscus nail polish swatch by Lacquered Geek

Hibiscus is a bright coral polish that has a holo base, along with iridescent flakies and red, peach, and gold glass flecks. It absolutely screams "SUMMER!!" The holo is very subtle, but those flakies ... they are brilliant addition to the polish. They make it so unique. And boy do they catch the light and sparkle.

I had no issues with the formula. The only "issue" was that I learned that you need to be super careful around your cuticles because those flakies are stubborn and hard to clean up!  For these photos, I used 2 coats of Hibiscus and a topcoat.

Glam Polish Hibiscus nail polish swatch by Lacquered Geek

Glam Polish Hibiscus nail polish bottle by Lacquered Geek

Look at these amazing flakies!

Glam Polish Hibiscus nail polish swatch macro by Lacquered Geek

I wasn't able to get a photo in sunlight. I tend to do my photographing early in the mornings or late at night.  The best I can do is a daylight lamp. You can see the subtle holo though!

Glam Polish Hibiscus nail polish swatch by Lacquered Geek

Isn't Hibiscus stunning?  It is available from the Glam Polish shop, and they offer shipping to the US.

What is your favorite shade to wear during the summer?


  1. Unfff! Those pink flakes.

  2. flakes are so much trouble...but so worth it!

  3. I'm not that big into flakies, but I will say the shade of this is so perfect.

  4. Ooo, I love this! Gorgeous flakies, like a tropical vacation every day. :)