Monday, December 22, 2014

Dior: Rouge #999

*Purchased by Me*

Hi guys! I can't believe this is Christmas week!  This month has flown by, and kicked my butt in the process.  I haven't been feeling that great over the past few weeks, and that's why my posts haven't been as "normal" as usual.  I've been so tired lately (not sleepy tired, just physically tired), and just haven't had the energy to paint my nails... let alone do much of anything else.  I'm sorry!!

Enough of my energy woos!  Last week, I showed you Rouge Louboutin from Christian Louboutin Beaute.  Today, I want to show you another high-end red polish - Rouge #999 from Dior.

Dior Rouge #999 swatch

Rouge #999 is a chameleon red - in some light, it's more appears more cool toned, and in others, it's more of a red-orange.  Trying to photograph this polish was hard!  No matter how many photos that I took (or how I tried to edit the photos), I could not get the photos to show the true color. I'm so envious of those ladies who can!  Regardless of how it photographed, it is a gorgeous classic red.

Dior Rouge #999 swatch

The formula is typical Dior - perfectly smooth, self-leveling, and dries shiny.  And it's a one coater!  The only negative thing that I can find about the polish is the Dior brush.  I love flat brushes, but I wish the Dior brush was just a bit more narrow.  It's almost too wide for my small nails!

Dior Rouge #999 swatch

Rouge #999 retails for $25 at Dior counters in higher end department stores (Neiman Marcus, etc) and Sephora.  So, it's a one coater just like Rouge Louboutin, and half the price. But only one will second as a weapon when needed!

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  1. Pretty color. I agree with the pros and cons of the wide brush. I love them, but my nails are only so wide!

  2. I wish I had more money... I just don't have 25 dollars to spare for one beautiful bottle of polish :(