Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Digital Nails: Ultimate Ginger

*Purchased by Me*

Greetings!  Today I have one of my favorite polishes to share with you.  There's no question that I LOVE Doctor Who.  I haven't been watching very long, but from the first episode, I was hooked like no other show.  This polish is represents all of my favorite things from the show - my favorite episode, favorite Doctor, and favorite companion.

digital nails ultimate ginger

Ultimate Ginger from Digital Nails is inspired by Amy Pond and is based on the episode "Vincent and the Doctor."  Oh this episode!  I get teary just thinking about it.  If you haven't watched an episode of Doctor Who, go watch this one!

digital nails ultimate ginger

Ultimate Ginger is described as a "unique blend of marigold, orange, avocado, white, and holographic aqua glitters suspended in a robin's egg blue crelly base."  It is packed with glitters, so it is a little thick, but not unmanageable.  You don't have to worry about not getting enough glitter on the nail.

digital nails ultimate ginger

You could wear it over another polish, but it is designed to be worn alone.  I'm wearing 3 thin layers on these photos, topped with Out the Door top coat.

digital nails ultimate ginger

Right now, Digital Nails is on vacation, but will be opening again later this month.  Be sure to sign up for updates!

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Are you a Whovian?  If not, do you have a favorite TV show?

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